Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm so excited for this month with Close To My Heart!!!  Studio J layouts are on sale!! WOOHOO!!! I love it when they go on sale.  I get so much more layouts finished online! They are $5.00 per layout this month! That is PER LAYOUT! Two pages!!!!  Man can you hear my excitement?!!!!  When I first worked on my now 3 year olds first year book I was so amazed how fast I finished it! Just a couple of months and her first year of life is Complete!

If you are scared of the internet, don't be! Studio J is so simple and it doesn't take long to learn everything you need to complete one layout!  And I'm on call 24/7 to help you out! Just ask my Mom! I held her hand every step of the way!

This picture shows the original price of $6.95 but not for the Month of March!  $5.00
So simple and so easy to learn!!! 

Start today and let me know how you like it!  Any questions or need any help just give me a shout!

Can't wait to work on my Studio J layout!!!

Have a great Day!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Today I want to show you how much I love our Artbooking cricut cartridge! It is so worth the price! I love how they give you coordinating stamps and chipboard! The first mini album that I made during Christmas time didn't feel sturdy to me so I put my recycling (hoarding) tendencies in action! I began cutting all of my food boxes and saved them!
Below you will see my favorite cereal and how I used her as a base for my album pages!  Each album page has a piece of cardboard glued onto the cardstock to make it stronger.  Our Liquid Glass works perfectly and once both sides of cardstock are glued to the box you can't even tell! Love!!!
When you set the dial onto the album size (this one is 8') everything on that page will cut accordingly to fit that 8' page. So nice!


This mini album was made for my Mother In Law who went to Costa Rica last year!  She loved the Album and I can't wait to see her pictures added to the pages! If you would like a class or would like to order one of our famous Cricut Cartridges, click on my website and purchase them today!
Love and happy Crafting!

Friday, February 21, 2014

This is our new Consultant Kit! It is full of amazing products that you will love! If you love a discount and love to scrapbook, make cards, or make any kind of craft, CTMH is for you! I would love to begin a journey with a team!  If you are interested let me know! I will come to your house or you can come visit me sometime to discuss the wonderful opportunities CTMH offers to their Independent Consultants! The kit is only $99 to begin your career! The kit includes the basic business and creative supplies you need to start, and the retail value of the supplies in the kit is approximately $309.  Here is a list of the complete list of items included into the Kit!

It is a New year and a new Idea Book!  How exciting to start fresh this year! I love all of the new paper packets in the Idea Book! I know that you will too!  It is easy to picture layouts with the paper and so easy to create with our B&T Duo paper! Each paper packet comes with 6 pattern papers + 6 coordinating cardstock (not shown) for only $9.95!

Here are a few of my favorites:



Balloon Ride


 Each of the 6 B&T Duo Packets come with amazing compliments! You will fall in love with these packets as much as I did!  I will begin to post pictures of my finished artwork once I receive my order, hopefully this week!!!  While you wait, why not start your own projects and share them with me!!! Go to my website today and place your order!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Month of February is one crazy month for us!  We have so many birthdays and we have many friends as well that celebrate a birthday this month!  My Son's birthday was on the 4th along with my mother!  It was a special day for us but an overwhelming special day for her!  Then my oldest daughter, Kayla, will be 16 on February 13th!  Wow 16!!!  I don't know why time has to move so fast!  My niece Allie is celebrating her birthday today!  It also marks the anniversary of our sweet Granny's death.  February is a month of many joyous and sad occasions for me!

This past year Max has become more fascinated with my Cakes that I bake. He is always helping in the kitchen and loves each cake I make!  So this year I let him decide what theme and cake he would like for his special day!  Spiderman was his first pick!  So Spiderman it is!!!

I made a fast banner for him using my Art Philosophy Cartridge for my cricut!  This cartridge has over 700 images and you would be amazed how many different ways to use each image.  I needed to make Spiderman's head and immediately thought of the egg cut on the cartridge!  Perfect!  My loving Daughter Kayla has a talent with art! So I had her draw the face!  She's so talented!  Then we made little handle bags using my white daisy cardstock from CTMH for the gift bags! 

It was a last minute decision to make all of it, and we did it 4 hours before the party!  So anything is possible with your Cricut!!  I love that machine!!!

If you would like to order the Art Philosophy cartridge or the Artiste cartridge from CTMH please go to You'll be so happy you did!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!  I am so excited for this year to start off great!  Last year I had many ups and downs. I'm looking forward to living better and doing better in 2013!  I plan on making more crafts and hopefully will start making something new every day!  I started the New Year with making cute little hair bows for my Baby Girl, Ruby!  Sadly she still hates them, but I can only wish one day soon she will love them! 

New Year Resolutions?! I usually hate making new year resolutions because I never follow through with them!  I would love to know how many people actually keep them!  I want to make one that I know will help me this year! Focus on my business with Close To My Heart! This year I will make a monthly resolution and strive to do my best in sales!  I will also make sure to get out more and focus on making new friends that love making crafts and those that love scrapbooking!

And what a great time to start!  The new Spring/Summer Catalog is coming out next month and it is amazing!  I couldn't stop saying WOW when I turned each page with amazement!  So many beautiful colors and so many different ways to use their paper.  It's not all about layouts anymore!  Which I love because I adore making crafts with CTMH paper!  The quality is perfect and I'm never disappointed! 

If you would like to join with me in selling Close To My Heart, please contact me!  You don't even need to live in the same town or state as me to join my Team! I have an amazing Upline Director, Christine Adams, that is full of wonderful talents!  She has been a true blessing to me! 

We have two different consultant kits now available, Essentials and Master!  The Essentials kit is only $49 (approx. $130 retail value) and the Master kit is $99 (approx. 280 retail value). The Master kit includes everything in the Essentials Kit plus more supplies and 5 Studio J Layouts.
I can't wait to hear from you! 
Happy New Year to each of you!
Tina Suchy
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