Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I wanted to make an Advent Calendar this year but I didn't want to do the entire 25 days since the kids are still a little too young to understand and no patience!  So I came up with my own 12 Day Countdown to Christmas Banner! 

I researched many ideas on the Internet and found some real cute ones made out of toilet paper rolls.  I was actually saving rolls to make a scrapbook but then decided I would attempt the banner.  This is the link that gave me the inspiration for my Advent Calendar.  I did several things different but overall I still was able to recycle and they are so strong.  I know that once I pack this up after Christmas they will stay safe until next year!

I used all Close To My Heart products! (excluding the TP Rolls of course) The paper was measured to fit each roll and I didn't even glue the main red to the roll.  Each one was stapled to the roll which makes it even easier and less messy!  I trimmed a round edge on top and punched a hole on the back side for the ribbon. The TP roll plus the paper is super thick so make sure you have a very strong hole puncher.  My puncher broke so we had to use our brains to think of another way to make holes in each of them.  My brainiac Husband drilled holes with his handy dandy drill!  Smart man!  (Don't tell him I said so!)

 The paper color is our Ruby collection, the decoration paper is made from our Pear and a Partridge packet.  I cut up small ribbons from the burlap then added three dimensional elements for the numbers. The numbers are a bit hard to see so I may change that next year but for now I love it!

 Add yummy candy and you're set!

I hope you love this as much as I do! 

Merry Christmas to all!


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