Friday, February 10, 2012

I am a Daughter, Sister, Wife, and a Mother!  I love all of my roles and treasure each one!  I am also a Baker!  I love to bake.  My mother was a baker and her mother a baker, and so on and so on!  I make cakes, cookies, and any type of dessert I can find!  But my passion was and always will be 3D cakes!  My passion started so long ago I can't even remember my first cake!  I started baking cakes when my Best Friend got married and my Mother and I drove all the way to Clay County to put it all together!  Since then I have always had a cake or two or three every week!

Recently my hands have taken a terrible spell of pain. My Husband and Doctor have requested me to slow down on baking cakes.  Sadly I have stopped making cakes for the loving fans that I have gained over the years!  I still try to make a cake or two but just not in one day!  If you've ever had your dream taken away from you, you know how hard it is to accept.  Well I will just share some of my creations to you and hope that you can re-create something that I have made in the past! 

Always dream and love each one of them!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My thought for the day, be a little nicer!  I try to be as nice as possible these days.  I was one of those people that didn't take crap from no one and would speak my mind, horrible I know.  Once I met my wonderful Husband his sweet humble nature has now began to wear off.  I try not to say anything bad when a bad situation arises. 
Today was one of those days.  My fun spirited 3 year old and I went to a WIC appointment this morning.  Mind you the morning had started off rocky.  He is beginning to be more independent when dressing himself. Drama Queen really!  But I ignored it and went on with the day.  We arrive at the appointment and Max begins to play.  Another little boy was also playing with some car boards. Everytime the litte boy would move to one Max would move with him.  At first I thought maybe Max was not wanting to share.  Typical for a 3 year old.  Well he was trying to explain to him what each device on the car were and what they did.  Jason Suchy Jr.! Well the little boy's parents yelled at Max for not sharing and when I went over to talk to Max I apologized and tried to explain what Max was trying to do.  The lady proceeded to trash talk me and threatened that "No one treats my son that way".  A long time ago the old Tina would have been right back at her with a vengeance.  But I simply apologized and made Max do something else.  Another lady witnessed it and said "she wouldn't have talk to me like that".  I simply told her that I was trying to be nicer and didn't want to be mean back.  This is coming out of my mouth???!  Wow I think I'm growing up! 
So the next time you are wanting to be a nasty person and be mean towards anyone, be a little nicer.  It isn't that bad to just be kind and admit that everyone deserves a little respect. Especially a 3 year old little boy who doesn't know right from wrong all the time! 

LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  How could anyone be mean to a child like this one?!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Ruby's birthday is coming up and I want to make her day special!  I have found all kinds of things to decorate her party on Pinterest!  That is my new addiction, Pinterest! Well I found the tissue paper pom poms and thought I would try it out!  LOVE THEM!!!!  I also love Martha Stewart!  She is such an amazing woman and I will always adore her talents no matter what anyone says!  You may follow her tutorial here

I decided to use 10 sheets for mine and it was a bit difficult to cut the ends but I managed!  It may be easier with 6 to 8!  I still love the look.  I don't think you can mess this one up at all!  I am going to make some smaller ones to tape on the wall behind the table!  I will post pictures when we have her birthday!!!  I am excited!

Hope you enjoy your day!
My little Ruby is eating her weight in baby food!  I love that little girl and she loves food!  I began feeling sick thinking about all the baby food jars that I was tossing into the trash can.  So I have decided to start recycling them!  I first came up with this craft and would love to start making candles in the jars as well but that will be another day! 

First I cleaned all the jars and lids in the dishwasher.  AFter that I removed any extra glue with Goo Gone.  If your covering the jar with fabric you may not need to continue with that step but I'm OCD so it all get's washed! 

Second, take a scouring pad to each lid then rinse. This is a tip from my loving husband!  Scouring the lid will help the paint to adhere to it better and longer!  Make sure the lids are dry before spray painting them.  I sometimes feel like I am giving too many steps but would hate for anyone to mess up.  This one is so simple no one could go wrong!  I bought a can of flat black spray paint for the lids and sprayed them on a big piece of cardboard.  Let them dry for about 24 hours or over night depending on how much spray paint you use. 
To decorate the jars I purchased a jelly roll of Amy Butler fabric which I adore and started making rosettes and fabric flowers from my previous post to attach to them.  I didn't measure a thing just cut strips to fit around the jar.  I used my wonderful hot glue gun and wrap the fabric around the jar and glue other end to the jar.  Once completed attach the flower with some glue to the jar to cover the seam.  I also cut a piece of fabric in a  circle and glued it to the lid. 

I love using my jars for bobby pins and other hair accessories! I made them for the girls in the family for Christmas!  They loved them!!!!   Hope you enjoy!