Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My little Ruby is eating her weight in baby food!  I love that little girl and she loves food!  I began feeling sick thinking about all the baby food jars that I was tossing into the trash can.  So I have decided to start recycling them!  I first came up with this craft and would love to start making candles in the jars as well but that will be another day! 

First I cleaned all the jars and lids in the dishwasher.  AFter that I removed any extra glue with Goo Gone.  If your covering the jar with fabric you may not need to continue with that step but I'm OCD so it all get's washed! 

Second, take a scouring pad to each lid then rinse. This is a tip from my loving husband!  Scouring the lid will help the paint to adhere to it better and longer!  Make sure the lids are dry before spray painting them.  I sometimes feel like I am giving too many steps but would hate for anyone to mess up.  This one is so simple no one could go wrong!  I bought a can of flat black spray paint for the lids and sprayed them on a big piece of cardboard.  Let them dry for about 24 hours or over night depending on how much spray paint you use. 
To decorate the jars I purchased a jelly roll of Amy Butler fabric which I adore and started making rosettes and fabric flowers from my previous post to attach to them.  I didn't measure a thing just cut strips to fit around the jar.  I used my wonderful hot glue gun and wrap the fabric around the jar and glue other end to the jar.  Once completed attach the flower with some glue to the jar to cover the seam.  I also cut a piece of fabric in a  circle and glued it to the lid. 

I love using my jars for bobby pins and other hair accessories! I made them for the girls in the family for Christmas!  They loved them!!!!   Hope you enjoy!