Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My sweet mother invited me to a Close to My Heart tutorial class this past Friday to learn how to use her new fantastic machine, The Cricut!  Close to My Heart now has a Cricut cartridge that is compatiable with the Cricut!  It has about 177 different styles on it. We had a pleasant evening with the very talented Christine! Below is the website for her blog!

 While there my mother decides to pay half for one for me!  I was so excited and brought it home immediately and begin making stuff! 

I've seen cakes with banners on them all over Pinterest so I thought I would try one for my Mother in Law's birthday cake!  It was so simple! And she loved it!  I can't wait to make Ruby's birthday decorations for March!  Her birthday theme are Owls!  I am falling in love with Owls!

As soon as I get organized with my Cricut, I will be posting more pictures on things that I have created so far!  My husband is even amazed at the machine!  Just glad it can't fix cars or he would be already playing with it!  He did ask if it was compatiable with computers.  He wants me to make stickers!  lol.  I know one day it will be!

Have fun making crafts!

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