Monday, July 21, 2014

Caution-I'm being very Open and graphic today!!!!

Turning 40!  They say that once you turn 40 it's all down hill!  Well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to happen at 40!  Mine has started at the age of 39!  My birthday is September 6th. Since September of 2013 I have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease! It is something that I have struggled with yet have handled very well! Does that make sense?!  I have learned to eat healthier and stay active to continue to reverse my fatty liver.  It is a daily progress. Some days I struggle real hard and other days I handle everything! But now more health issues have been happening! 

I'm going to get very detailed about my personal health now.  For those with weak stomachs or those that just don't like hearing about female issues, you may stop reading this section!  Being a female is sometimes rough! I've had to deal with bad menstrual periods, very sore breasts, itching breasts, and now a weakening bladder.  I have Gray 1 prolapsed bladder. It is very mild. Thankfully my Gynecologist pushed it back into place for the time being until my appointment with the Urologist. Gross right!!Although gross I am feeling very thankful that he did because it does feel less awkward.  The main causes of prolapsed bladder is having multiple children and/or straining due to constipation. It also can happen when your estrogen changes, thankfully he said I'm too young for that to happen!  (Thanks I needed that Doc!)  Having three kids and always full of poo has definitely put a strain on my bladder!  So I was sent home today with instructions on Kegel exercises and a strict regimen of no lifting, no running, light walking, and no Sex!  Well I think I can handle that!!!

I have major issues with my menstrual periods. He has decided to do a biopsy on my uterus to make sure no cancer is present!  My Doctor is very thorough in his field!  I've been seeing him for 20 years and we have a great relationship! Also another test I had completed today is the BRAC Analysis.  This test helps determine if you are a carrier of the cancer gene.  I was hesitant at first but he told me I should get this test.  Being able to know my options is something that I want to know. I'm very anxious to find out the results in 5 weeks!

I thought when turning 40, I would have to deal with some wrinkles or some bones aching.  Maybe even some hair loss. Well I have all of that and then some! I know that 40 is only an age and I will make it through this rough patch! I know that things will get better! I have to look at this as a blessing and a sign from The Lord that I need to slow down and I need to refocus on the real things that matter to me! My Family!  They have been there for me and my Husband is such a trooper!  He hates hearing about my female issues but has been an excellent listener!  He usually tells me to "Stop Talking" but for now he is just listening and holding my hand!

Being a woman can be hard but I wouldn't change it for the World!  Being able to say that I had the pleasure of giving birth to Three Beautiful Children makes it Wonderful to be a Woman!  These are just hiccups in my life!  I can handle it!  I'll just hold my breath and count to 10! 

Thanks for listening to me!  Love each of you and please continue to pray for me!

Love always,


  1. Good job, I was just asked last week at the hosp. if I had the test for the cancer gene since mom had it 2 times. I said no and she asked if I had children and she said we all should be tested. Even a man can be tested if cancer is in the family, just not done much. She said men don't want to know!

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