Wednesday, May 2, 2012

   I've been having so much fun with the New Stella Collection that I haven't done anything with the other packets!  I know eventually I will have to because I'm slowly running out of Stella paper!
   Here is another layout that I just finished!  I can't believe how many different creations you can actually make with the Workshop on The Go!  I have only used two colonial white 12 x 12 sheets extra!  I love the colors!!!!  I've been googling the Stella Collection and have found some very cute ideas!  It is such a great motivation to see others creating beautiful artwork! 

I still need to find the right picture for this layout!  I always make the layouts first and then search for that perfect picture to display!  I love this one so much I didn't want to add anything to it!

I hope that one day I will have more people to follow my work!  I just love Close To My Heart and think everyone should at least experience it once in their lives!  If you don't scrapbook that's ok, I can teach you how to make a card to mail to a special person in your life!  They will cherish the card forever!!!  I still have cards that I don't want to give away because they are so Cute!

Happy Scrappin!
Tina Suchy
Close To My Heart, Independent Consultant

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