Thursday, May 24, 2012

  Just wanted to post this cake!  I love making cakes for people!  I think what I enjoy most is their excitement when they see their cake complete.  I occasionally do a cake out of my head but usually I'm searching the Internet for ideas!  I love looking at other people's cakes online!  Their are so many talented people in this world!  This world should be a better, happier place with all the cake bakers!

   I haven't been able to make cakes for a while because of my hands.  I'm sure tomorrow I will hurt but so far I haven't felt the pain.  I try hard to make people happy and it feels good to have a talent that gives someone happiness!  I have only had one cake that was very hard to complete because the customer was very picky!  But I pulled through and did my best! I try to tell people "if you send me a picture you like, it will look somewhat like it but not exact!"  

The bottom cake is white with my "wedding Icing" not sure what to call it because it's not technically butter cream because it doesn't have butter in it.  So I just call it my wedding icing!  I found a recipe for homemade fondant and it tasted much better than store brand.  But it was harder to handle.  This was my first try at it so hopefully it will get better when I try it again!  Here is the link to the recipe.

  This cake was an inspiration from  Her name is Anne Heap and they are in New Jersey!  Sometime I wish I lived in New York because all my favorite cake artists live in the surrounding area!!!

                                       Zebra and Cheetah Sweet 16 cake by

Check out her Site because her cakes are amazing!!!


  1. Hi--fellow consultant here. I tried to follow your blog but google is acting up. I'll try back later. Love the cakes--I have to give you much props for working with the fondant! I only work with buttercream lol...I'm not brave enough to use the fondant.

  2. Oh Meredith it is really easy! If you have ever played with clay or playdough you can work with fondant!!! Thank you so much! I've been following you too! I've been in such a funk lately that I haven't given my blog much attention! But I will be soon!!!! Thanks so much!